Ember Inns Customer Survey

How was your recent visit to Ember Inns, If yes do share your feedback and reviews on www.emberinns.co.uk/survey.


The Ember Inns Customer Survey is a survey program introduced by the company to know whether their customers are satisfied or not with the services and food provided to them at the respective pubs.


Ember Inns is a great pub where you can relax and have outstanding memories with your friends and families. You can dine in, have drinks and enjoy the place that is particularly well-known for its line of cask ales.


Thus you can share all your words with Ember Inns Customer Survey because it provides the best service and food.


Ember Inns Customer Survey Reward:

Once you have completed the survey you will get a free drink on your next visit to Ember Inns as well as a chance to win £1000 in the prize draw.


Ember Inns Customer Survey Rules And Requirements:

  • A computer with internet access.
  • A survey invitation from the last visit to an Ember Inns location.
  • You must be a legal adult resident of the UK, Republic of Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Honduras or the Republic of Korea.
  • Your age must be more than 18.
  • You must have a receipt of visiting their property.


How To Complete Ember Inns Customer Survey:

ember inns survey

  • Indicate the specific pub that you visited. Type a keyword and several options will pop up.
  • Select the date of the visit from a pop-up calendar. Pick the time frame.
  • Describe your meal type: lunch, dinner, drinks only, or other.
  • Rate the likelihood that you’ll recommend the pub to your mates.
  • Rate your agreement with statements regarding food quality, drinks quality, service, cleanliness, atmosphere, and so on.
  • Provide specific details about the things you liked and the things that could be improved.
  • Rate your agreement with focused statements regarding the service, food, and drinks. Mention unavailable food items.
  • Answer whether you have cask ale.
  • Mention any exceptional staff member and what they did.
  • Indicate the frequency of your visits to the pub and tell them what they could do to increase this.
  • Tick a box to enter the prize draw and provide your contact details.


Ember Inns is a chain of pubs with locations across the United Kingdom that is particularly well-known for its line of cask ales. Ember Inns is one of nearly ten different brands of pub chain operated by Mitchells & Butler, based in Birmingham, England. They operate about 2,000 pubs across the UK.


Ember Inns has different menus to serve a wide variety of people and their cravings. The main one features all of the pub classics such as roast chicken, beef ribs, pork belly, burgers, fish and chips, and a whole lot more. There’s also a set menu, a Sunday menu, a brunch menu, a children’s menu, and a buffet menu. Those who suffer from allergies can refer to the advice sheets to avoid certain food groups.


I hope by this article you were able to complete the Ember Inns Customer Feedback Survey. If you have faced any issue or you are not able to finish the survey, write down in the comment box. 


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