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How was the fun at Beefeater Grill, or you had a sore experience? Let Beefeater Grill know by Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey about the experience you had at was so satisfying that you would love to recommend this restaurant to your friends and family? The company wants to serve at it’s best to the customers and thus ask for Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey by which they can improvise in the service and food. 

Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey helps you to rate the positive and negative aspects. Share your reviews and feedback on www.beefeatergrillfeedback.co.uk and win exciting prizes. Just spare your few minutes and the company rewards you gift vouchers. Answer some brief questions and win within a few minutes. Once you have given your honest feedback you will be given a voucher for a free bottle of wine to print out and use next time you enjoy a meal at Beefeater Grill.

Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey Reward:

At the end of the survey, you will be rewarded a voucher for a free bottle of wine.

Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey Rules & Requirements:

  • You will need a device like a computer, mobile or laptop.
  • An internet connection.
  • Ability to read and understand English.
  • Only one voucher may be used per transaction.
  • You must not be an employee at Beefeater Grill.
  • You must have a receipt from your trip that is printed with a survey invitation.

Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey Guide:

Beefeater Grill survey

  • Enter the time and date of your visit to the correct areas.
  • Provide details about what happened during your visit to Beefeater.
  • Click the “Continue with survey” button.
  • Rate your likelihood of visiting that location again or recommending it to others.
  • Rank your level of satisfaction with each part of your experience.
  • Write any extra comments in the text box.
  • Provide more feedback in the requested areas and rate your level of satisfaction with your food and drinks.
  • Answer the questions asking how you felt about the restaurant’s service.
  • If desired, answer the personal questions to share demographic information with the restaurant.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

Beefeater is a chain of over 140 pub restaurants in the United Kingdom, owned by Whitbread. The place is especially to enjoy with families. The chain’s name references both the English figure of the Beefeater, as well as its menu’s meat offering. The chain is positioned slightly upmarket of Whitbread’s Brewers Fayre chain. 

Beefeater was set up by the then Whitbread Brewery in 1974 with the opening of its first restaurant, The Halfway House, in Enfield. The premise was for simple food, such as prawn cocktails and char-grilled steaks, and was seen as a rival to Berni Inns. Beefeater expanded over the next 20 years before the chain experienced difficulties in the 1990s.

The article here states to complete the Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey. You are supposed to follow all the details that are mentioned here in the article. If you face any trouble or issue you are free to ask the questions in the comment box. Suggestions are welcomed too. Just complete the survey in time after your last visit to the Beefeater Grill. 


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