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If you are one of the lucky candidates who got the chance to serve the prestigious Ford company, then you would be able to avail to the many benefits and perks which are laid out by the company for its employees and staff/workers.

Being able to work for Ford is a dream come true for many as it is easily one of the most reputed companies in the US and even globally. Myfordbenefits is an online portal which enables its employees to get the benefits that the company offers, this shows how much the company likes to take care of its employees.

Ford offers many benefits to its employees and avails all the information about Ford through the online portal Myfordbenefits. With this portal, the employees can search for new tasks, job and make use of the opportunities set up by the company.

The website is specifically designed to make it able to get the details of employees. Another portal Myfordbenefits Retiree Login is also made by the company, through which they can take care of the employees even after retirement. It is fairly easy to login through the page, by having basic internet knowledge.

Details about Ford

Ford is an American company, which deals mostly in automobiles. It is a multinational automaker and dealer with its headquarters located in Michigan, Detroit and founded by Henry Ford in the year 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the brand name of Ford, while the more luxurious cars are sold through the brand name Lincoln. Ford owns a 8 % stake in Aston Martin of UK and 49% in Jiangling Motors of China.

Requirements to access Myfordbenefits login

In order to login to the online portal there are some basic requirements to be met, these are:

  • A computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet which has an internet connection.
  • You need to be an employee of the Ford company in order to avail the benefits.
  • Your social security number is to be used as the initial user ID.
  • The company will allocate you in the team on the basis of full-time or part-time jobs.

How to access myfordbenefits login?

Here is a step by step guide on how to access login at

  • The social security number is the initial user ID to be used at myfordbenefits portal.
  • The date of birth in the format mm/dd/yy is the initial pin for the login.
  • Once you are logged in, if it is for the first time you will be asked to change the user ID and PIN.
  • Remember to keep the new user ID and PIN confidential, never share it with another employee.
  • After making a new ID and PIN login to using the new ID and PIN.
  • To gain access to the information related to the benefits that you can get, or to perform the permitted transactions through the dashboard, you need to use the new ID and PIN.
  • You can login to your dashboard using the user ID and PIN
  • All the information is available in the personal dashboard and updated on myfordbenefits for the users and the employees.
  • You can get high amounts of saving balance through the portal.
  • You are able to access all the information regarding your info or work and get chances to avail of new opportunities.
  • You also have a chance to upgrade your training and improve your performance.
  • You can also choose different options of payment, you can also schedule and plan the payments.

The Benefits

If you are an employee who is willing to take advantage of the benefits offered by Ford, you will need to understand the eligibility rules. The benefits do not come for free, so you need to understand the cost of the benefits offered. After understanding the benefits that you can get for the money you pay, you will be able to plan for the coming year.

If you have already taken the plan you will need to change the plan for suitable to your needs. If no changes are made, the plan from the year before will be continued to receive the benefits. If you are married you will want to discuss the details of the plan with your partner before availing to the plans offered.

You can see from the checklist in the dashboard the benefits which you can choose and the plan and payment options. There are a number of health and medical insurances covering you and your whole family, so to decide on the one which will be most suitable to the needs of your family.

There is a voluntary benefits program which you can choose to suit your needs. The payment dates and dues will be shown in the login dashboard so you need not to worry if you ever forget, just simply log on to the online portal.

Here are the benefits which the company primarily gives the employees:

  1. Career- It means that the employee can take up new tasks, or even new jobs. This does not mean a promotion or demotion. It is that they can get better jobs which they are suited to work in.
  2. Other career opportunities in their line of work are given if there are open posts made by the company.
  3. Life Insurance- The most common benefits given to employees is life insurance, which protects them from fire, accidents, etc, financially. The employees have to pay a premium to avail of this benefit.
  4. Incentives and Salaries- By using the portal, the employees can get incentives for superior work done. Other than the salary they earn they are also eligible to get additional incentives.
  5. Vocation and Training- The employees can take up vocation or get free training in order to improve their services and efficiency.
  6. Discounts- The biggest benefit which the employees get are discounts from the company itself on the Ford vehicles.

How to Recover myfordbenefits account

There may be times when you have too much on your mind and you forgot your ID or password, on such occasions follow the steps to recover your ID:


  • Visit using any device.
  • In the page, click the “Forgot my User ID” button.
  • On the next page, you will have to enter your email ID for the recovery.
  • Check your mail inbox and click on the Fordbenefits recovery mail.
  • Click on the recover my ID, you can also change or update your account.

More medical plan options

The company has also decided to offer four more medical plan options to safeguard its employees, especially for the pre-medicare eligible retirees. These plans are designed mainly for the retirees taking their needs in mind and offer more medical plan options. These are:

  • PPO 2000 + HSA
  • PPO 1350 + HSA
  • PPO 2500
  • PPO 1000

Similar to the PPO plan options, the new medial plans offer the flexibility to see any doctor. The PPO 2000 and PPO 1350 also comes with a Health Savings Account (HSA), with which you can set money for either current or future health expenses.


The Ford company is a reputable company since it knows the value of its customers. By giving such benefits it motivates the employees, drives them to work harder, and inspires them to serve better. If you are an employee of Ford never forget to avail of these benefits as mentioned above, plan them wisely.

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